Adobe Air

Posted on by Matt

I’ve been reading a little bit about Adobe Air, Adobe’s new platform for having web applications on the desktop with the need for a browser.

In a Nutshell, Air allows you to use your existing html/css, flash and flex skills and use them to create applications to run directly from the desktop. From the examples of seen it seems very handy to create widget type applications rather than full blown applications, however i wouldn’t say you can’t make full blown applications with it.

The only downside of the Air platform is that you still have to install Adobe Air first to you operating system bfore you can run any of the applications, this however is true of most of these kind of platforms such as Microsoft’s Silverlight.

Can i see it getting bigger? Yes probably but what would help with platforms like this is if they came pre installed with operating systems so you could just download and run the applications.

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