Client Hand-In

Posted on by Matt

Wow, it’s been a long time since i wrote a blog on here, i’ve had a busy month, what with the easter break, my birthday and having to do work for the client hand in today! The client evaluation is finally in though! :-)

I fear that i have not wrote enough for it, after speaking to some people whose evaluations were 10,000 words plus compared to my 5,500 words! But i realise that everybodys projects were different so there’s bound to be different word lengths for the evaluation! Ah well, it’s too late now, ilve handed it in. I do feel though that i have learnt lots this year from the client project! I have also learned not to take on projects so big as well! It’s a relief to have handed it in actually! Now we’ve only got one more hand in and we’ve done! eek!

Hopefully next time i write a blog it should be on my new macbook pro (which should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed of course)

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