Easter Update

Posted on by Matt

I haven’t had chance to blog for quite a while so though i would provide a quick update of what i’ve been doing over easter. With both projects now being handed in it’s time for the evealuations to begin.

For my PRP evaluation i discussed with Roma, the ways in which i could evaluate it and take it a stage further. We agreed that i should devlop my website so it is something that can go in my portfolio. We decidesd that i should do an interactive newspaper in flash, as this challenges the question i asked at the beginning.I am in the proces of finishing the design for this and will be coding and devloping it over the coming weeks.

For my client evaluation, i spoke to Adrain to see what my options were as a felt that for my type of project, i couldn’t evaluate it neccasarily how it would be in th real world, so we came up with a number of other ways to do this. I have also managed to source some idents from the same brief given to somebody else, which some provide some interesting feedback. I am now in the process of working on any changes to the ident package ready for the hand in at the end of april.

I have also been working on the website www.pipalina.co.uk for somebody and am in the process of completion for the website. She makes her own hand knitted fashion products, so go check the website out!

Thats all for now, i should hopefully be posting some of the work i’ve done over the recent months up here.So goodbye for now!

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