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Imagine: Helvetica

Posted on by Matt

I’ve just watched the Imagine documentary about Helvetica on BBC1 in the UK. It was a great documentary about what one could say is the one of the most popular typefaces ever in the history of typography (along with maybe Times New Roman?) The documentary highlighted the history of the font and how it became […]

New Mainframe Reel

Posted on by Matt

Have just seen the new Mainframe Showreel, all i can say it is totally awesome, i would love my work to be as good as this! New Mainframe Reel

Designing websites with grids

Posted on by Matt

Designing websites with grids eh? I’ve been reading alot about the use of grids when designing websites recently, and have found an excellent resource at http://www.designbygrid.com/. I’ve even tried designing a few websites with some basic grids and can honestly say that i think that it helps greatly. I’ve been reading some blog comments on […]