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Rough Cut of the New Portfolio

Posted on by Matt

This week i’ve managed to create a rough mock up of my new portfolio site, there’s still a few tweaks to be done on it but the basics of it are there. After the previous post i used a grid to design the latest website and i think it shows, theres a much stronger structure […]

New Hosting for the Portfolio

Posted on by Matt

Choices choices choices……. My hosting for my online portolio is due to run out in a couple of days and i have a choice i need to make. I can either stay with 123-reg.co.uk where my site is currently hosted, however they don’t offer anything like PHP/mySql which i am considering experimenting with escpecially to […]

End of an era?

Posted on by Matt

Well as of this morning i handed in my last piece of work at university, which essentially means uni is pretty much over and done with now, there’ll be a few more lectures then the exhibition There’s this odd feeling though now it’s over. Almost like leaving school again….. With the exhibition coming up, i’ve […]