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Behance Creative Network

Posted on by Matt

I know nowdays that their are probably more social networks to join than ever before but i have recently joined a site called Behance. This is a social network dedicated to creatives around the world, as with most social networks you sign up and then put some of your details in, including choosing a maximum […]

Adobe Air

Posted on by Matt

I’ve been reading a little bit about Adobe Air, Adobe’s new platform for having web applications on the desktop with the need for a browser. In a Nutshell, Air allows you to use your existing html/css, flash and flex skills and use them to create applications to run directly from the desktop. From the examples […]

End of an era?

Posted on by Matt

Well as of this morning i handed in my last piece of work at university, which essentially means uni is pretty much over and done with now, there’ll be a few more lectures then the exhibition There’s this odd feeling though now it’s over. Almost like leaving school again….. With the exhibition coming up, i’ve […]